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Food and Poop

Full disclosure this article will offend some. Read at your own risk.

No one asked me but

If you asked me a year ago ...I would have screamed from the top of my alto register..."how rude." Like all things sacred, food is definitely one of them. How dare I, she, me, her or anyone mix food and poop in the same sentence.

JFK once said in some powerful speech ....

My attempt at a powerful poop speech...

Poop Speech

We have gone through so much together.

You did your job even when I drank janky sugar water instead of H20.

You met me at Hello even when my 1st meal was processed sugar before fiber or fruit.

You did not judge me for 9 months when I was preggers and all I craved was cheese on top of cheese covered by cheese.

Poop, you the real MVP.

The point

The point of this article is to clearly state that Poop is also sacred. For those of you mortified, perhaps eat some black beans, broccoli and corn and see if nature does not perform the most natural cleanse.

Poop appreciation

This is a poop appreciation article. To all the girls out there, get super intimate with your poop. Know it at a molecular level. Know it at an embarrassing level. Fart unapologetically and then do it again.

Poop poem

Thank you

for leaving


peace and taking

all the

Ratched free radicals

With you

Thank you

Fiber, fruit, veggies

And H20

But for real though

Fiber you da



Dear Daughter

If my daughter is reading this as an adult.. be a lady in the mind and heart and let your body poop and fart.

Sincerely from a tired unperfectly perfect mother

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