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I'm A Gift

10 ways to remind yourself that you are a gift

By. Marian Yesufu

At a certain point you just gotta woosah and recognize the gift that you are and treat yourself accordingly.

We have four months left in 2021. How do I plan to use it? I plan to use it doing these 10 things.

Soak in an Epsom salt bath

What are the benefits?

We are always on the go. Sometimes a good bath can replenish and heal. It can also allow us to listen and scan our bodies for any ailments.

Eat more fiber

What are the benefits?

Sometimes being a mother to teenager means making a plate of beans look like a 5 star michillen plate just so they can eat their beans. The other day I was to exhausted to replicate a fancy meal and so I just said do you know what beans does in your

Large intestine?

It's like this awesome magnet that attaches to foreign agents that shouldn't be lingering in your digestive system and takes itself out by ways of nice long stools.

Take your vitamins

What are the benefits?

It's like popeye the sailor man and his spinach. The reason we eat is for 95% fuel and energy and 5% pleasure.

Go to all your medical appointments

What are the benefits?

You get a specific truth from an expert in their field who literally spent like 30 years in school. Once you have received advice and suggestions, weigh the pros and cons and speak with a trusted medical professional about your choices.

Saving 20 percent of income

What are the benefits?

Omg the peace of mind I have having money in the bank is far more satisfying than any shoe or clothes in my closet.

Eliminate waste

What are the benefits?

Figuratively and literally


What are the benefits?

Less stress. Less stress equals normal breathing

Spend money on experiences instead of things

What are the benefits?

Lifelong memories

Assess your circle

What are the benefits?

You are the sun of the 5 people around you.

Cook at home

What are the benefits?

You control the salt and healthy fats added to your beautiful meal

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