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Top 5 Thank you's of 2020

By. Marian Yesufu

Top 5 Thank you's of 2020

Thank you for caring me of STAGE FRIGHT

I used to get stage fright now I just get camera fright.

Its stranger than stage fright because the fear is truly all in my head.

Thank you for teaching me how to say NO!

I use the pandemic to say No all the time.

I didn't know how much I needed to say it.

Say No more often.

Thank you for helping me keep plants alive.

I have had 2 plants in my house for the longest time and they all have been fake.

This pandemic has given me the confidence to bring real plants into the house.

And so far they are all still alive.

Thank you for helping me face my hoarding problems

I have a hard time letting go of things, people, etc...

this pandemic taught me how to let go of all of the above.

Thank you for bringing Spring Cleaning early

Again taught me how to clear out nonsense, things, dust, bugs, people..etc

The point is thank you.

see y'all in 2021

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